From DVD ISO to mkv

I spent a while ripping DVDs to ISO files using DVD Decrypter a while ago, which allows me to use the Kodi (XBMC) menus to select DVDs to watch from anywhere in the house. However, lately I’ve been interested in Plex Media Server, which, although it’s a fork of XBMC, doesn’t support the ability to play DVD ISOs. Plex is much more geared to streaming, with apps for phones, tablets, game consoles and various IP TV boxes like the Roku. It also has this neat cloud feature where you can watch your media from anywhere with a fast enough internet connection, and share with friends and family. I think it’d be cool to get my parents a Roku box, and be able to ‘curate’ a movie collection for them with no effort on their part and without them having to have a server/NAS running, by ripping their DVDs onto my home NAS.

Another feature of Kodi that has been taken out of Plex is the concept of a ‘stub’ file, where you just keep a 0 byte file on the NAS that says “out in the physical world, there’s a DVD with ‘The Godfather (1972)’ on it”, so that Kodi can be your librarian for offline movies too. So now, to use Plex, I definitely need to have some kind of online copy of each DVD (or maybe a 2 second video to take its place, that says “look on the shelf behind you”… hmmm)

Anyway, I now have a lot of ISO files that need to become MKV or avi or something else, ideally with no input from me. It took me a while to work out how to get a title extracted from a DVD ISO (not a physical DVD) as an MPEG2 stream, so here’s another little post about that. ‘title’ is what the DVD standard calls the individual video streams on the DVD – for example, one for the main movie, one for the trailer, and others for special features. They are all stored in MPEG-2 video format, which is getting old now, and not so great for compression. The cool kids are using H.264 these days.

I did this on my Windows desktop, but the tools are natively Linux tools so it should work on Linux or OS X too. You need mplayer and ffmpeg. Actually, you probably could do this with just mplayer/mencoder, but this worked for me and so I stopped looking. I specifically wanted a command-line method to do it. If you don’t care about that, just use Handbrake, which is very nice. I may yet do that too, since it also has a job queue.

First, to extract Title 1 from the DVD as MPEG-2 video:

mplayer dvdnav://1 -dvd-device DVDVolume.iso -dumpstream -dumpfile title1.m2v

If you don’t know which title you need, mplayer can help there too:

mplayer dvdnav:// -dvd-device DVDVolume.iso -frames 0 -identify -vo null -ao null -nocache

which will spit out a LOT of information, including this:

TITLE 1, CHAPTERS: 00:01:37,00:10:51,00:14:10,00:23:21,00:24:09,00:27:44 {etc}
TITLE 2, CHAPTERS: 00:02:10,

which tells me that title 1 is the movie, and title 2 is the trailer (only 2 minutes long).

Then to make an MKV file of the resulting MPEG-2 file:

ffmpeg.exe -i title1.m2v ./title1.mkv

There are loads of settings for x264 that I don’t understand, so I just ignored them. The results look pretty good so far, and I get files of about 1.5GB instead of the 4GB original. Each one takes a while (about an hour? I haven’t timed it), but there’s nothing to watch or poke, so it doesn’t really matter. I can leave it to do its thing.

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